Fix to EA update 4.10

Fix 9 months ago

Hi community!

This fix resolves to issues in the 4.10.01 update. The fixes are:

  • Some users have complained about the connector did not make a trade when they received a new signal. The reason for this is because the user read it before the connector, so the "new message" label was no longer valid and the connector ignored it. In version 4.10.01 have we implemented a solution for this where it reads the last 10 messages in the channel and compares it to the trades in the connector. However, this sometimes results in the connector is taking trades from past days because it reads back the 10 messages. Which is not the intention. We have now implemented that it downloads/store the 10 last messages and after that, the function to read back for a missed signal will become active.
  • Some users have complained the connector did take a trade in Coffee when the signals were in GBPCHF. The reason for that is the user had selected all assets in their asset list and the broker's name for coffee is the letter C. The asset Coffee also comes first in the asset list. So when the user has told the connector to trade Coffee (because they have selected it in the asset list) and the C is the signal GBPCHF is a 100% match to the broker's name for Coffee, it will take the trade in Coffee. It's always the user's responsibility to only select the assets they are receiving signals to limit the possibility of errors.
    But we have now implemented that if a signal comes in and the match with an assets basename (brokers short name for the asset) is less than 1 letter it will be ignored and if it the match is less than 3 letters the signals reliability score will be lowered (if your score is sat to 100% which is the default, then the signal will be ignored). This solves the issues. 
    But don't tick assets in the asset list if you are not gonna receive signals for that asset.

To update your Telegram Connector, simply copy all the files from the Telegram Connector folder you download below (not the MQL4 folder but the folder below named "Telegram Connector") and paste it into your old Telegram Connector folder. Then restart the Connector.
The EA should be installed the same way you did the first time.
You can download the fix version here

If you experience any issues, let us know.

Happy trading
The Telegram Connector team