Update Telegram Connector 5.04.01

Improvement 3 months ago

Hi community!
Here is the new update for Telegram Connector.
Please note that we can't see who is commenting on the changelog, so if you need support, please reach out to us on Telegram @ConnectorTelegram.

This technical update contains the following:

  • A new function called "Partial profits". This allows you to take partial profits when the trade is in xx amount of points in profit.
  • Changed the Dangerous signals setting "Skip none" so it follows the rules of the custom SL and/or TP.
  • Changed and fixed the trailing stop logic.¬†
  • Fixed a bug when sending a message containing images/docs/videos the connector would freeze and not take any new trades.¬†
  • Fixed a bug that coursed the connector to show a red cross.
  • Fixed the channel name bug. Channel names are now visible in MetaTrader again.
  • Added new signal formats.
  • Added a new server to reduce ping and added coded to the EA in MT4 so it can switch between servers when/if one server is down. This will reduce downtime.
  • Minor bug fixes.

We recommend doing a clean install.

You can download the new version here

If you experience any issues, let us know.

Happy trading
The Telegram Connector team