Update Telegram Connector 7.01

Improvement 2 months ago

Hi Traders!
Here is the new update for Telegram Connector.
If you need support, please reach out to us on Telegram @ConnectorTelegram

This technical update contains the following:

  • We have made a change to the way our infrastructure communicates between Telegram Connector and MetaTrader 4/5. This allows our software to "wake" MT4/5 if it goes to sleep. Some users have experienced that no orders were executing and there were no logs in MT4. This issue is related to the fact that MT4 sometimes can go into sleep mode, which prevents our EA from taking trades. This new infrastructure fixes this.
  • We have optimized the execution time between when a signal is being received in Telegram connector and is executed in MT4. For some, it will seem to be a huge improvement while others won't feel the biggest change. It depends on your computer/VPS.
  • Added a new feature called "multiplier". Settings as SL trailing and BE setting can now be used with assets like Gold and indices while the settings still work on forex pairs. You find this feature in the asset list -> right click on the asset -> click additional settings.
  • Added the possibility to have autologin. This setting is under Tools -> Options and go to "backup and logon" at the top.
  • Added a delay function so a trade can be delayed xx amount of seconds if needed.
  • Added new servers to handle the increase in usage of our software.
  • Minor bug fixes with custom SL/TP, BackTester module, min lot size, etc.
  • Added new signal formats.

We recommend doing a clean install.

You can download the new version here

If you experience any issues, let us know.

Happy trading
The Telegram Connector team