Update Telegram Connector 7.01.02

Fix 2 months ago

Hi Traders!
Here is a new update for Telegram Connector.
If you need support, please reach out to us on Telegram @ConnectorTelegram

This update is fixing a few bugs that some clients have experienced in version 7.01.01.
If you don't have any issues then you don't have to update your software.

The fixes are:

  • Missing Multi language Keywords page which resulted in some signals was not seen by the connector.
  • Issues loading the asset list for some accounts.
  • We have made the connection of MT4 and Telegram Connector a bit smoother.
  • Changed the alert system so if the asset list can't be loaded, the user will be notified with colors and a warning sign.
  • Added more error prints to the log. This will help us when we troubleshoot.

We recommend doing a clean install.

You can download the new versionĀ here

If you experience any issues, let us know.

Happy trading
The Telegram Connector team