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  • Improvement

    Update Telegram Connector 7.03 and BackTester 5.01

    Hi Traders!

    Here is the new update for Telegram Connector.

    If you need support, please reach out to us on Telegram @ConnectorTelegram

    This technical update contains the following:

    • We have added a new module called "Signal analytics" (beta version). You can now retrieve analytics on each channel you copy to see how the channels have been performing. Go to "tools" -> "Signal analytics".
    • Added a new 10 account license.
    • Changed the interface of the pages "Settings" and "asset list". The interface should now be more user-friendly.
    • Fixed various bugs with MT5.
    • Minor bug fixes MT4 (Connection stability and detection of open price)
    • Bug fixes in the BackTester.
    • Added new signal formats.

    We recommend doing a clean install.

    You can download the new version of Telegram Connector here
    You can download the new version of the BackTester here

    If you experience any issues, let us know.

    Happy trading
    The Telegram Connector team

    Thomas Mattmann

    Thomas Mattmann