Update Telegram Connector 4.09.01

Improvement 4 weeks ago

Hi community!
Here is the new update for Telegram Connector.

This update contains the following:

  • Added the possibility to add BE and SL trailing for each asset. To do this go to the asset list -> right click and choose "Additional settings"
  • Added magic numbers and the possibility to turn on/off. When unchecked it will use the channel ID. When checked it will use the following values:
    - Buy, buy limit and buy stop orders it's: 778877
    - Sell, sell limit and sell stops it's: 887788
    You find this setting if you go to tools -> options.
  • Added additional filtering for signals received
  • Minor bug fixes regarding risk percentages and lot calculation
  • New signal formats supported
  • Added new servers as a backup if the main server is down. This should prevent downtime if our main service provider has a crash
  • Reducing the requests to and from the servers and eliminating/removing connections that are not used. This should increase the stability and limit the connection errors

You can download the new version here

If you experience any issues, let us know.

Happy trading
The Telegram Connector team